The sleep. The night of 14 to 15 August.

Today was a very strange dream … I dreamed about my city, my dreams and guesses … I had a man who would probably like me (I’m not sure about that). We do not even talk, and I do not know his name, but he goes to my school, he is older than one year. And from where I know him? He signed on my Instagram (Funny, is not it?).

Let’s go back to my bed. I dreamed of a familiar street, but I do not remember this house, most of all, I lived there before. I walked out of the house with a friend in front of us were two men on bikes, one of them had it. I just wanted to go faster, but he said that he loves me, but I did not want to believe him and would just laugh and walk away, but he got off the bike, hugged me, kissed her, gave a balloon in the shape of heart and left. As it turned out, my girlfriend and I went for a drive on skateboards (I have a skateboard in my life, but I just can not go out and learn to ride it). I skated on it excellent, making tricks, but then I was left alone in the woods. I returned home, it was the night I went to sleep. In the morning I perepisovalas with him, he wrote that it was just a joke, he loves me not, joked. I have the whole day was in a bad mood, and in the evening I left the house, was already committed to a familiar street (it is not far from my home, where I live now). I saw him, he was on the bike, he said he realized that he actually likes me. I did not believe him and went away, and then I woke up.

Frankly, these dreams introduced me to-depression at 13:27 hours, and I still had not eaten. Do not want to eat, I need it to lose weight, what would someone like me. Yes … I love to translate the topic … Why did I write this? I have no one that is divided. Best friend just to make fun of me.

Thanks for reading ♥